Femininty; Sacred or Unnatural?

I had a little incident today which has had me thinking a lot about something that has intrigued me before but I didn’t realize how much of an issue it actually is. Western societies perception of women. Thousands of years ago, women were sacred because we can give life. And yet, in today’s world it is embarrassing for a full grown woman to ask for a sanitary pad because she got her period. So what used to be celebrated a long time ago is now considered embarrassing and sometimes disgusting. Menstruating and breast feeding are two of the most important things to have children and yet both are deemed ‘unnatural’ in modern society. I am now ashamed of myself for asking that especially when I’m a solitary practitioner of Wicca where everything related to femininity is sacred. It was something I thought about a little bit when I first started practicing Wicca. When I first got my period I was 11 and was at camp. I was scared but happy at the same time. In my mind, I was now a woman but I didn’t know much about periods so I was a little afraid. When I went and told a teacher, she told me to wash my undies out and keep it a secret. It made me feel ashamed that I had gotten it. It didn’t quite help that a guy in my class found out and called me Period Girl for the next year. He thought it was hilarious. That’s the problem these days. Boys think it’s funny or disgusting. And I know of men who don’t trust women because we bleed for 5 or more days but don’t die. (I reply to that was; And yet men have two heads but use the smallest one the most). Is this really the kind of world we want to raise our children in? Some of the most natural and beautiful things on earth are being called ‘unnatural’, ‘evil’ and ‘disgusting’. So I have a question for you readers. What are your views on this? Are there any other beautiful things western society turns into something bad?


One thought on “Femininty; Sacred or Unnatural?

  1. The major problem are the Radical Feminists. Like any other radical of an ideology or belief, they go to the extremes and take a part of a certain meaning, to promote their own agenda of hate and distrust. Feminism promotes equality for women and men, but radical feminism promotes dominance over men. It contradicts the very idea that feminism is trying to accomplish. Thanks to radical feminists, many people fall under the perception that feminism is a man-hating ideology, when it actually calls for equality of the genders.

    Feminism isn’t the only one infected by radicals, however. Islam as well. Terrorists claim to be doing this under the guise of religion, but they simply allowed their own hate to consume them. Islam actually encourages to love one’s enemies and even accept them as family. It does, however, ask that you stay away from those that try to convert you, but it does not implicitly tell you to go on a mass killing.

    No, the problem is that we are human. We are consumed by our own emotions and blinded by our personal beliefs that we are inclined to hate something that goes against our beliefs, even if said beliefs either do not mention acting upon violence,or blatantly tell you not to do it.


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