Tudors not related to John the Gaunt?

Hey has anyone seen the news about the debate over the throne? I find it interesting in an academic point of view. The Tudors claim descent from John the Gaunt. They just recently discovered the remains of Edward the Third, famous for his hunchback, he is a descendant of John the Gaunt. They compared his DNA to that of one of the Henry’s. I don’t remember if it was the 5th or the 8th. It did not match. So some of the English are asking for a change in regency because of it. They have even found some true descendants of John the Gaunt. But if any of these people knew their history they would know that the Tudors conquered their relations to take the throne so even if they are related to old Johnny they still have claim to the throne through right of conquest. I think its fascinating but I still support Elizabeth for the crown. What are your opinions of this?


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