Epic Museum Day 3

Epic Museum is a online simulation game where you can earn real money by unlocking statues in a museum. I signed up to Epic Museum three days ago and now I’m starting to get somewhere. I logged into Epic Museum once a day for the last three days to get my daily Donation points which allowed me to open my museum and get my first statue. A Leprechaun.  So now I can start earning money. The Leprechaun statue gets me 0.01 Epic Museum Dollar (EM for short) a day.  And I can’t unlock another statue until I get 100 EM. So its going to take awhile but I’m looking forward to seeing how this game progresses and what other mythological creature statue I can unlock. If you want to try this game out yourself my link is below:



Getting paid to play?

I’ve just recently learnt that you can actually get paid to play games online. So I’m going to be joining up with a few and document it. I’ve joined up with Goldenmines, Golden Towns, Epic Museum and Dungeons & Treasures. I’ll add links at the bottom.