Vamps by Nancy A. Collins – A Review by Nerdy Girl Lisa

I first read this series while I was in high school. I was never one to read poncy girly books. So I was really surprised in how much I love this series. It had the fashion, the drama, the boys and all that typical teenage stuff which usually bored the hell out of me and then add in vampires, witches and half-bloods and it just pulled me in. The characters really caught my attention. Enter Lilith Todd, teenage vampire queen bee. Blond, bitchy and super rich. Sounds pretty standard for a snob. Then comes in Cally Monture, half vampire, half witch, powerful and talented. An inspiring fashion designer and a caring person, looking after her human mother while trying to pass as a vampire in her school. I absolutely love Cally because no matter how much shit Lilith and her friends threw at her, she not only got through it but she succeeds in her dream. Cally is a strong young woman who should inspire everyone who reads this. I’m really disappointed that the author didn’t finish the series. But I still love this series despite that story arc was never completed.